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old homes, reimagined

About BlackBird Homes

       Blackbird Homes is a small, home renovation company.  Owner Jawad Abu-Lughod and his wife Mary Grey-Lughod started it after retiring from practicing medicine (OB/Gyn) for 21 years.  Mary was born on the west side of Grand Rapids and after college/grad school/lots of traveling to amazing places, the moved back here 30 years ago.    Living here during this time, they have witnessed first hand, how the city has changed.  The west side went from stable family neighborhoods, to low cost housing, and now is experiencing urban renewal.  Mary's family was always interested in the history of the city and it’s homes, and many weekends were spent touring Heritage Hill, the Meyer May house and just wandering through East Grand Rapids to look at the beautiful old homes.

     With each renovated home, the goal is to keep the design period specific, but also, to update the homes so that they are functional for the modern family.  Original details are kept and restored whenever possible, retaining the unique character of each home. Some fun unexpected elements are also added to make the homes uniquely eclectic.   

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